Precast Software Engineering

Precast Software Engineering develops holistic innovative software solutions for the precast element industry.

Software and service for the precast elements industry

Precast Software Engineering is a leading provider in the precast elements industry with the software solutions PLANBAR and TIM, the Technical Information Manager. They serve a broad customer base, such as construction companies with their own precast part production, precast elements plants or engineering firms.

Highly automated precast part plants require planning solutions that meet the market requirements for the precast element industry with respect to quality, productivity, cost efficiency and deadline pressure.
The merging of all ongoing processes into one effective functioning unit is the market requirement for software for high-quality industrialized precast part planning.

Precast Software Engineering achieves the optimal result by combining PLANBAR with comprehensive functions, from series production to complex architecture elements and TIM, which as an informational tool networks projects, their structure and status with each other.

PLANBAR and TIM are tools that are ideally coordinated with one another and together offer an integrated precast element planning with visualization along the entire process.
Headquartered in Salzburg, Precast Software Engineering was founded in 2005 and is a 100% subsidiary of the Nemetschek Group.


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Precast Software Engineering

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Precast Software Engineering

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Precast Software Engineering

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